the evergreen

The evergreen

(Summery based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale)


There was a beautiful, little evergreen in the forest. The evergreen was surrounded with other beautiful trees.  She wanted to grow up very much and he noticed nothing. She didn’t notice the bright sun, cool air, the villagers who were walking around the forest happily. Everybody liked evergreen very much and said that she was a very beautiful evergreen.

Evergreen didn’t notice these beauiful words. He thought about growing up. A year later she was grown up.Woodcutters came to the forest and started to cut the big trees but they didn’t take the evergreen. One time they took smaller trees but they didn’t take evergreen again. Evergreen wanted to know very much where her friends were. One of the storks said that one of the trees became ship’s mask and he is on the sea. Evergreen wanted to become ship’s mask too.

Next year they took the evergreen first. She was very happy.  They placed her in a large hall where they decorated her with various toys, candies and golden apples. They put candles on the branches. She shivered and one of the branches burnt. That was so painful that she promised herself to be careful next time. Children danced around the tree then started to pull the decorations. Next day they   took evergreen to the basement. There was dark  in  the basement. Mice visited the evergreen and talked to her. Evergreen told about  her  forest.  One  day  mice  stopped  to  visit  her  and  she  became  very  lonely.

She had a hope to come back to the forest again. In spring they took out the evergreen of the basement and threw in the garden. He saw beautiful flowers, the bright sun and thought that he will come back to the  forest. Then she noticed that her beautiful and green brenches became yellow. At theat moment  a woodcutter came and started to cut her into pieces.It was the end of the evergreen and it is the end of  our story.Everything has its end.


Translated by Hayk Ghazaryan 5.2 , Gayane Badeyan 4.1 , Eduard Sargsyan  5.2 and Ashot Sukoyan 5.2


Audio version of the text read by Hayk Ghazaryan from 5.2 class

The evergreen (Audio)




  1. Underline the unknown words with different colors and write down the Armenian variants.
  2. Make up sentences with some of the words.


  1. Answer the following questions.


  • With whom the evergreen was surrounded?
  • What did the evergreen want to do so much?
  • What did the villagers think about the evergreen?
  • When did woodcutters take the evergreen?
  • Where did she appear?
  • What did they do with the tree?
  • With what did people decorate the evergreen?
  • What did happen after that day?
  • With whom did the evergreen talk in the basement?
  • What did happen in spring?
  • What is the moral of the story?




  1. Make up another ending for the story.


  1. Form sentences by putting the words in the correct order.


  • She, nothing, noticed, forest, in, the.
  • Time, one, trees, took, they, even, they, but, take, did not, evergreen, the, smaller.
  • Placed, they, large, in, a hall.
  • Noticed, yellow, she, branches, became, that, her.









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