Classwork: English in mind , ex. 1a,b,c , 2a,b page 109

p.109, ex.1

a. Complete the sentences with the past simple from the verbs.

Last night we watched a programme on TV. It told the story of a famous man from India called Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi lived in South Africa when he was young, but in 1914 he went back to India. Gandhi became the famous there because he thought fighting was bad. In 1947, the British left India, but Gandhi died the next year. We found the programme very interesting and I learnt a lot.

b. Complete the sentences with the past simple forms of the verbs.

  1. We went to the cinema last week, but we didn’t go shopping
  2. I wrote six emails yesterday, but I didn’t write any letters.
  3. Alan came to the party, but Peter didn’t come.
  4. I ate the chips, but I didn’t eat the carrots!

c.Write comparative sentences

1.This test is more difficult than the Math’s test.

2.Spanish is easier than Portuguese.

3.My uncle’s car is more expensive than my father’s.

4.Your homework is more important than that computer game.

5.Her History teacher is better, than my teacher.


A. Write the nouns in the box in the lists.


a bath

a look

a cup of tea

an ice cream





the piano

Go to



the cinema


b.Write the opposites of the adjectives

  1. boring — exciting
  2. dangerous — safe
  3. old-fashioned — modern
  4. noisy — silence

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