English classwork

p.4 ex.1

a.Complete the dialogue with the words in the box.

fine, I’m, Nice, this, you

Liz: Hi. My name’s Liz.

Monica: Hello, Liz, I’m Monica.

Liz:Nice to meet you. Excuse me a moment. Hi, Jack. How are you?

Jack: I’m fine, thanks. How about you?

Liz: I’m OK, thanks. Monica, this is my friend, Jack.

Monica: Nice to meet you, Jack.

Jack: Nice to meet you too, Monica.


a.Look at the pictures. Fill in the spaces with the correct form of be (positive or negative).

1.They are from China.

2. I am from the USA.

3.I am not American, I am Brazilian!

4.She is British.

5.He isn’t British. he is from Turkey!

6.We aren’t from China, We are Japanese.

b.Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the verb be. Then listen and check.

Jack: Hi, My name is Jack. and this is Monica. She is from Italy.

Marek: Nice to meet you. I am Marek, and those two people are my friends, Barbara and Adam. Are you from Rome, Mocina?

Monica: No, i am from Milan. Where are you from>

Marek: We are from Poland. Adam and I are from Warsaw and Barbara is from Gdansk. Are you on holiday in Cambridge?

Monica: No, I’m not. I’m a student at a language school here. Are youall students?

Marek: Yes, we are. We are at a language school too.

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